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Wow. A full year of photos. Interesting stuff - for me, anyway! 

November was a little windy, and there's wind damage visible in some of the photos. I also took the photos before I left for work, so the light isn't ideal. But it was December 1st, so I did my best. 

Starting out back, the leaves have all gone from the trees. Well, there's a couple hanging onto the hazel, but that's about it. I don't know where they've gone, either. I definitely haven't collected as many this year - which is a shame, because the leaf mould from last year was really handy. The winter jasmine is flowering, which is good. The trellis I put across the top of the fence blew off, which is a shame. 

Back lawn 12/2009

The lower view is a bit blurry. The reflections are worse than normal. 

Back lawn 12/2009

On the concrete, you can see that one of the sedums in the tub closest to the house got blown over, and I'm concerned that it's ripped up the roots too. Those two were cuttings taken from the one in the scooter bed, so I guess it's not the end of the world. I also really need to replant the tubs! And put the water feature away before we get proper frosts - we really haven't had any proper frost yet, I still have nasturtium leaves out there. I also really need to sort out the greenhouse and get it ready for next year! 

concrete 12/2009

The upper slope out front has so much more in it this year than last. The viburnum is flowering its socks off this year, which is good. I don't think it flowered at all last year! I still really need to define the edge of our garden from next door, and get it tidied. I think I've said that every month this year. I have added a lot more bulbs out there, daffodils, alliums, so hopefully they will show their heads next Spring. The little pear tree will be pruned in January I think. It's still got a couple of leaves clinging to it - it's definitely made it through the first year! Now just to help it grow stronger. The forsythia needs a really good haircut again, but it'll flower first. I need to sort out the slate edging too. The plumber stuck a ladder in there, and knocked it all over. 

Upper slope 12/2009

The view across the path looks so different once all the leaves have fallen off the current. Much more open. Lots of plastic visible still, as I try and sort out the weeds around the edges. It's always a work in progress!

Path 12/2009

The veg bed doesn't have a lot going on right now. We ate the first of the leeks in a risotto the other day, but there are loads more! The broccoli is now very strange shapes from the wind. I should have supported it I suppose - another live and learn! We'll have to see if it still produces anything. The leaves have gone from the apple trees. 

veg bed 12/2009

The terraces are producing quite a lot of chard, which is great! I think the salad burnett is about to start being edible again too. The parsley that's gone to seed needs me to harvest the seed and chop it down. And the large box of rubbish that the plumber left us needs tidying up too. More bulbs have gone in there too. 

terraces 12/2009

I'm going to keep going with this photo thing. I've found it really interesting to watch the garden change through the year, but now I want to see the same view in the same month years apart. 

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