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Time for the second set of monthly photos. In all honesty, they don't look much different to last month!

Again, starting with the back garden.

View from living room

The reflection was bad today, so you'll have to excuse that. Not sure you can spot this one, but next door's cat is hiding behind the euonymus. This is a better shot from upstairs:

Cat hiding

When he first started hiding behind that plant, it was so small we couldn't see the point. Now he's properly hidden. When it rains he hides further under, and looks actually pretty sheltered. I don't think he can pounce on anything from there - it's too enclosed. It's just a good, sheltered spot.

Back garden

This one is from the upstairs window, that I can open properly. Not a lot of change.

View of concrete

Not a lot of visible change in this one either. The yellow tubs are for growing spuds in later in the year, and there is actually a new water butt hidden behind the greenhouse. A leaking water butt. It's the tap, and it's too cold to get my hand in there to tighten the bolt.

Moving on to the front, starting with the terraces and the veg patch:

View from living room

View of veg bed

I mulched two more of the veg beds, putting the wood ash from the fire and a bag of compost on each bed. Looks nice, doesn't it? Highlights how pale the soil normally is! The other change is over the broad beans. Those were the mesh bags that our logs were delivered in. The wind isn't pushing them about so much, and the beans look ok in there.

And then the upper slope, which looks almost unchanged.

View from front bedroom

Apart from the snowdrops that have come out through my strawberry patch. I'm liking them a lot. There are signs of daffodils too, but a long way from flowering yet.

Loads of snowdrops

Oh, and one more. A view across the path, because I wanted to.

Front path

I'm quite interested in how little change there has been. There are small changes, delicate little flowers starting to appear, buds forming, but not things that show up on these photos! I think next month will be more visible...

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