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Keep calm and carry on

Well. A good and bad, up and down kind of a day.

On the up side, the weather this morning was wonderful, I got a haircut, we're going to see Zoe Lewis do a gig tonight, and I don't even have to be up early for work tomorrow.


(Obligatory angry hamster photo, this one looking more bemused than angry.)

On the other side of the balance, I have become a recession statistic. I was made redundant today, along with half the company. Apparently there may be relocation possibilities - to Seattle, so the commute would be nasty.

A week on Friday we go to Florida for 2 weeks. And yesterday I put in a LARGE order to knitpicks, which I'm really pleased about because I might feel more guilty today. This may be a good time to evaluate, take stock, then start stacking Tesco's shelves...

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Oh no, what a bummer. I'm sure with your talents, you'll find something else soon.

February 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnnie

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