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This unemployment lark is bloody busy. I've got so many things to look into and do! Anyway, in the meantime I finally finished this skater top and it got a bit tricky in places, so I'm going to write down what I had to do to make it work. I knit the small size, in knitpicks shadow

Finished skater overtop

This is the Layered Skater's Top (overtop), from Veronik Avery's gorgeous book "Knitting Classic Style: 35 Modern Designs Inspired by Fashion's Archives". It is such a lovely book. Hardback, glossy pages, beautiful beautiful photography and quite a few patterns I think I will eventually make. But as I said, the pattern in a couple of places required a little interpretation, and although there is an errata page there isn't for this particular pattern. So maybe I went wrong, but this is what I had to do. 

Skater overtop blocking

I was fine until I had to add the sleeves in. What I didn't read (or wasn't there) was that when you start in pattern on the sleeves, you need to add 1 knit stitch before and after the pattern, or it won't be centred. Figured that out pretty quickly, after the first pattern row. Thank goodness I wasn't using the recommended kid silk haze, or undoing would have been a nightmare. 

Next problem was the decreases. There is a chart for the decreases, which is fine. But on the body decreases you need to ignore the first stitch on the chart each time. That's pretty obvious if you want to keep the pattern going, but it isn't stated and caused me to think for a minute or three (or ten even!). 

On the sleeve decreases, the chart is right. But the repeat is only the first 8 rows, not the whole chart - that last bit of the chart is for the saddle shoulders at the top. Again, not a huge problem, but just in case anyone else is worried. 

The construction is very clever, and anything that leaves you with no seams to sew in is just fine by me. The finished top is something that I can see being useful over different tops for about 3 seasons of the UK year, and it's definitely coming to Florida with me. Also, of my two (yes, just two) balls of the Shadow, I had this much left over: 

Leftover Shadow

That's pretty good value for money on this one... Love it!

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Thank-you so much for these comments - they reinforced what I was finding knitting the 42.5" size - the charts are a stitch or two out in places.

August 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIngrid

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