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Even before the bad news last week, I had declared that I was buying no more yarn this year. Until next February, I believe I said. That may sound extreme, and I had just placed a very big knitpicks order at the time so I may have been light-headed.

To show why this is not a completely mad thing to do, I did a quick hunt around the living room and totalled up the projects.

Next up is this lot, to become a nice little raglan jumper with a high collar and half-way buttons for GG:

King Cole Merino Blend (DK)

That's begun, because it's sort of roughly for her birthday.

Then we have this little lot:

Knitpicks telemark

This is due to become honeycomb from Knitty, for me. Lovely colour, and I'm really looking forward to knitting it!

There's this little heap too:

Troon Tweed

This is for GG again. I made a Rosedale cardigan for me, ages ago, and she's been eyeing it up for ages. This is to make her one of her very own.

Then there's this stuff:

Rowan cotton

This is some Rowan jeans currently being made into a plain v-neck, but I don't know if I'm going to have enough. I may pull it apart and start again with a totally different pattern, so that's on the go. 

And there's another hidden project kicking around, and those are just the ones in the living room. Upstairs I know there's the wool for a cycling jumper/cardigan thing I want to make for this time of year (and autumn) when it's too warm to wear a waterproof all the time, but not cold enough to go down to just a couple of tops.

And there's all the sock wool. And the stuff I've just ordered, which includes the wool for at least one more jumper and a large shawl. If I finish all that before Christmas, there are also a couple of tea cozies to make, not to mention some more gauntlets and you can just never have too many hats, can you?

So all in all, I think my knitting year is pretty well stitched up (sorry...)!

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