Slightly feeble
Monday, February 2, 2009 at 14:42
martian77 in General, commute

As I mentioned in my update to yesterday's blog post, it snowed here overnight. I wanted to get to work, really I did. Got all dressed up and tried, but only made it to the shops. The roads were a bit... well... snow-covered, and I didn't fancy cycling down the next (fairly steep) hill.

I probably covered about 150m, maybe 200m all told, and this was what my bike looked like.

Snow spokes

Snow bike

I totally understand single-speeds for snowbikes now. And spiked tyres. I feel like a lot of a wuss, but my job just isn't critical enough to warrent the risk.

GG walked. 3 miles, sort of cross country. Later she'll have to walk back, because the roads still haven't cleared or been cleared. It's very quiet. There are no buses or really any cars. Peaceful.

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