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Less feeble

I made it in today. The snow has been melting on the roads, particularly where the cars have been. I got some lovely views on the way in too. Some here, more on the flickr stream...


This was close to home - the roads aren't totally clear yet.

Cattle trough

I went up and over past the racecourse today, because the roads are busier and I thought they would be clearer. They weren't too bad, and I was treated to some cracking sights.

Spot the seabird in this one...


Over the hills

Over towards Brighton. There were more shots I'd have liked, but I couldn't pull over. Shame.

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Reader Comments (2)

I often wish I had my "proper" camera with me when I'm up by the racecourse - the views are fantastic, as you've shown.

February 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnnie

Yes, I've been meaning to get some photos up there for a while, but the drivers have kind of put me off the route. These were with my little Canon Ixus that handily fits into the top pocket of my jacket and can be easily accessible.

February 3, 2009 | Registered Commentermartian77

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