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After all of the excitement of the snow, I can finally get around to blogging about what I did this weekend! I finally made the two sets of curtains for the living room.

The old curtains looked like this, with purple and pink flowers. Ok in their way, but like the lampshades not to our taste exactly.

Old curtains

The new ones are tab top...

Curtain tabs

I improved slightly on the first version, by making longer and thinner tabs on these, so they move better. They took longer than I expected, but by 5pm on Sunday I had finished.

New curtains

The material is a macintosh-inspired pattern, that is slightly different than the first set I made due to a slight communication fail on ordering. This set have the flowers and other highlights in green, rather than the cream of the others. I actually rather like it now they are done. They'd be a bit plain when closed if they were all cream. There is a bit more material in these than the set I made first time, which is more because I didn't cut the width of the fabric for these and the other set were a halved piece.

A shot of my work area:

Curtain manufacture

I was sort of thinking of my Grandad while I was making these. The last time I saw my maternal Grandad before he died was also the first time I'd seen him as an adult (long story). He asked if I still drew or painted, and I said not really. He looked a bit dissappointed. With hindsight I kind of wish I could have explained that I still make stuff, still create all sorts of things, whether it's making curtains up as I go along, or jumpers, or programs, or mudflaps, or gardens. I wasn't that great at drawing anyway!

(The next question is what to do with the old curtains... Hmmm...)

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