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(We've got all the photos processed now, so be warned: this is picture-heavy.)

We headed off into the wide blue yonder to Florida.

The wing of our plane

We went to Disney World.

Main Street, Magic Kingdom


(where GG spent a lot of time like this - lots of these photos are hers.)

GG with camera

We sampled some of the local delicacies.

funnel cakecinnamon roll

(That's not a small coffee, it's an obscenely large cinnamon roll. And yes, it was lovely. The other thing is funnel cake.)

We saw lots of fireworks.

Magic Kingdom fireworks

We shopped until we dropped.

Shopped til she dropped

We played tennis, and I even went for some (short) jogs.

Pointers on my service technique anyone?

We got wet - not part of the deal.

Threatening weather

We saw signs that made us snigger (and no, it's not mature).

Gaylord Conv Cntr

And spent a lot of time just relaxing.

GG reading

Ellie by the pool

It was brilliant.

us in Epcot 2009

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