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New planter

GG has pulled another blinder, and built me a box that fits perfectly in the gap in the greenhouse.

New planter

So I thought it was only right and proper that I spent some serious time this afternoon filling it with compost, ready for the plants. I decided to line it with old compost bags, to keep the wood a little more dry and keep the moisture in for the plants. 

First up, I sliced open two compost bags and joined them using duct tape. What else?

Planter lining

That was then pushed into the planter, using some half-bricks to push it right into the corners. I taped up the corners and other side of the join, to keep it all neat.

Planter lining

Then I filled the bottom with stones. Somewhere in my head I think these are going to help to act as a kind of reservoir for the water, so any excess can kind of fill in around the stones and the roots won't get so soggy. I'm probably wrong, but we have more than enough stones so why not! (We have pots of stones that we've dug up. This didn't take me long!)


I like to use old plastic bottles as watering points in my pots, to try and keep watering simple and more effective. In this case, I took a couple of 1 litre squash bottles and drilled holes along one side of them. I sliced the bases off, and I've left the lids on to try and get the water coming out through the sides, away from the edge of the planter.


There are more holes higher up than at the bottom, in an effort to try and push the water out more evenly. Again, it may not work but it didn't take much effort. I taped the bottles into position.

Bottle in position

Then all I had to do was fill it with compost! It's taken 1.5 70 litre bags so far, and I think it could do with just a little more.

Full of compost

As a finishing touch, I made a cover from some leftover compost bag. Hopefully this will help keep the moisture in too. It was pretty hot in there today, so I'm expecting it to be boiling in the summer. I think I can get 8 plants in this - 2 peppers and 6 vine tomatoes, so they'll need all the water I can give them.

8 slots

The sticks across were just to visually divide it up and check the eight plant estimate. I'll cut holes for the plants when they are big enough to go out there. This gives me loads of space for plants in what is still a very small greenhouse, thanks to my Gorgeous Girlfriend's carpentry skills.

Planting space

I'm hoping that along with those vine tomatoes I can grow some yellow cherry tomatoes in the two long thin planters either side of it, and there's more space on the shelves for the other peppers. Plus I've still got the lean-to greenhouse to start the next round of seeds in. This year will be a good garden year, I'm sure.

(All fingers and toes firmly crossed!)

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Reader Comments (1)

I have definite greenhouse envy! Particularly when I look at how far your peas are compared to mine...sigh. Will have to try harder next year!

See you Sat xx

March 19, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJay

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