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Busy, not newsworthy

I don't really get it. I still don't seem to have enough hours in the day, in spite of now having many more available to me than I used to. I'm certainly not bored, anyway!

Lessee. Nothing particularly exciting. Last week I had 3 interviews, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We'll see. But I did finally managed to turn up the trousers for my suit! After only four years (I think - it may only be three...) of wearing it for multiple weddings and interviews. I can imagine my mother shaking her head and wondering how I can possibly be her daughter at this point. I will say that them being lined with a material that seemed as shiny as tent material and required about 5 hands to pin it in place before I could sew it may have had something to do with the delay, and finding the right coloured cotton for a brown linen suit with cream pinstripes took a while too. Still, done now.

Yesterday I planted the first of my potatoes, but as normal there's nothing particularly exciting to show right now. Just some soil. I've started making logs out of newspaper again for next winter - they are drying faster in the greenhouse, which is nice.

We popped up to see my brother and parents on Saturday. He cooked a lovely roast, and then had to put up with us all for much longer than he was probably hoping for! We made it home for around 11pm, which was good. The England Women's Cricket team were in the World Cup final on Saturday night, so GG listened to the New Zealand innings and came to bed around 2am. Me? I flaked totally. They won and everything. Even managed to make it onto the Sky Sports News briefly. That's unheard of for women's sport.

Sunday we went to Wakehurst again and managed to catch some of the rhododendron's in flower. I'm a little surprised how early it is. But I know nothing about rhododendron's - I've always lived in areas with alkaline soil where they don't grow. They were spectacular.

So yeah, not a lot happening but busy all at the same time!


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Yeah, sorry to be slightly grouchy at the end -had just been a long day, nothin to do with the company! I'm now competing on the gardening front -more seeds on the rise and the side bed planted. I still ache...fingers crossed on the interviews...

March 25, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJay

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