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Reasons to be cheerful

It finally happened. I got fed up of being at home all the time. I think it was mostly because the weather yesterday was pretty damned awful, and I'm busy being too tight to take the bus anywhere. Turns out I need to get outside a bit, because otherwise I end up in a foul mood.

But I have good things to be cheerful about, so I'm going to list them and practice.

  1. I'm getting a weekend away visiting friends with my Gorgeous Girlfriend. This will be a good thing.
  2. Tomorrow is GG's birthday, and the present I bought for her arrived this morning (she knows this, she was there).
  3. The present I'm making for her is nearly finished too. It won't be completely finished because
  4. GG wants to help me pick buttons for her new jumper. So we can have a trip into town, maybe a cornish pasty, and I get to legitimately look at things like buttons and zips without feeling bad for dragging her along.
  5. I have many pepper plants and tomato plants growing and looking strong already.
  6. The self-watering containers I've made seem to be working, and I have a tomato plant growing in my old bike helmet. It's so silly, it makes me laugh.
  7. My pear tree is absolutely covered in buds.
  8. The broad beans have started flowering and this morning I saw bumble bees all over them.
  9. There are lots of bumble bees around.
  10. I have already made 12 newspaper logs. If I keep this up, we'll have 100 or so for next winter. (I'm ignoring the storage issues for now!)
  11. My red and white currant bushes have lots more flower coming than last year.
  12. We've nearly eaten all my leeks, and they were good. 
  13. My garden planner web app is growing (but I'm not linking to it yet - it's still got a way to go).
  14. I have lots more seeds to sow, and space to grow them in.
  15. My ornamental currant is looking fabulous.

I think that will do for now. I feel better already.

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It's now Tuesday...time to revisit this list for a reminder methinks...and possibly to add to it?

March 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGG

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