*&^%$ Obelisks!
Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 18:12
martian77 in Garden

I thought this year, given the catastrophes the last two years have been using bamboo canes and string, I'd try proper obelisks to support my beans. 3 of them. It'll be easy, I thought. Construct them once, stand them up in the soil, sorted. Next year I can move them, put them in the next quarter, good to go. That's good permaculture practice, a one-off investment of energy for long-term payback.

I'd forgotten about our stupid, chalky, flinty soil. I put one in (sort of, roughly) in the autumn to check they'd cope with the wind. It was a bit lop-sided, but that didn't matter for the test. Today I straightened it up, and remembered.

With some not-inconsiderable effort, that first one is now straight. So on with the second one. I got it constructed, that bit was easy (relatively). It's the standing them up in the soil bit that's tricky. Really I should probably have given up the first time I hit my hand with the mallet. Or when the piece of wood I was using between the mallet and the 'hole maker' (that's what the label says!) snapped. But I'm stubborn. Sort of.


What do you mean it isn't straight? Looks fine to me... (We shall not talk about the hand.)

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