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I'm back! Holiday posts will be on their way, but I missed the start of the month so it's time for some belated garden pictures. There is lots of stuff sprouting, but mostly on a fine scale still... I know, excuses excuses.

Starting with the back garden.

lower lawn view

This and the front terraces shot were taken later in the day than the rest - the reflections were too bad first thing. The shade line shows where is getting sun right now. The other half of the lawn does get more sun as the season progresses, but parts of it never get any.


This top-down view is starting to show more growth. There are some camassia's coming through, the quince and pulmonaria are flowering, my daylily is sprouting, and the forget-me-nots are about to flower too I think. Plus some bulbs in the scooter bed that I don't really remember properly planting - I may have just dumped them there for a bit and forgotten them! (Don't believe me, click on the photo. I've highlighted them in flickr.)


Things are moving on inside the concrete, and the two clemetis in the pots against the shed are showing signs of life. The lovely red cyclamen are past it though, and in general that concrete needs tidying up a lot. Soon. I'll get there.


On to the front garden. Top view of the veg patch shows we've nearly finished the leeks, which is good because two more obelisks have to go in there yet. The peas will be planted by the end of today, and they need somewhere to grow. There is a patch of what looks like grass seedlings on the quarter nearest the path. They are actually self-seeded californian poppies that are going to be a real pain to weed out! Good job they're so pretty. There are daffodils coming up through the grass around the apple trees too.


A better view of the terraces. My sorrel has started to come back after the winter, so I shall try and eat some of it soon. At the very front you can just see some daffodils. I've made that front bit a little spring section, with daffodils, crocuses and semperverium. It really helps to brighten it all up at the start of the year. Last year I seeded that quite heavily with trefoil to improve the soil, and it seems to have worked even if only by providing shelter for the worms. It's some of the nicest stuff apart from the veg patch!


On the upper slope, the forsythia is about to do its dramatic thing, and there are more little daffodils (or narcissi, whatever) throughout the strawberries. My snowdrops are over, and we only just caught the crocusses, but in general there are lots of things pushing through here. Those rosemary plants look like they are going to flower properly this year too, which is very exciting.


Final shot, across the path. The flowering currant is about to burst into life - you can see the green tips of the leaves appearing, and lots of pink bracts for the flowers. (I think. They may not be bracts. Buds maybe?) It's going to be gorgeous this year I think. It's looking so much neater with the bricks separating the flower bed from the veg.

I have lots of close up shots too, but I think that's a picture-heavy enough post for now! Click on any picture to go to the flickr stream and see all...

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