Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 22:00
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Yesterday was April Fool's Day, so it's time for another garden update. Sorry if you don't like the garden pictures! There is more visible change this month, really honestly truly.

Back garden, lawn-side.

lower lawn view

I remember being thoroughly depressed by this view, probably mid-March last year. It just seemed that nothing was filling out, and all the hard work and plants I was putting in were coming to nothing and it would never take. Then suddenly the foxgloves started to grow, and the dicentra formosa started to be visible, and suddenly it turned a corner and became a proper garden.

upper lawn view

This year it hasn't looked as barren, even in the depths of winter. I'm glad things are coming up now though - fresh green leaves and shoots everywhere. The lawn needed mowing, I've done that this morning. First cut of the year!


The concrete still needs me to tidy up those pots, and there's some branches lying around from the neighbour's tree. The bright yellow tubs now have new potatoes in them, so hopefully we'll get a good crop from them. The greenhouse is filling up!

Out front, to the upper slope now.

Upper slope

I chopped back the dead michaelmas daisies, revealing the fresh growth coming through underneath. There are quite a few things coming back through - geraniums, lady's mantle, lots of alliums coming up. The only thing I'm worried about is that cordyline. It's rocking on its base, which suggests the wind and cold have really hurt it this year. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, but it wouldn't surprise me if it turns up its toes. 

Terraces view

The terraces are doing ok, with the addition of some daffodils this year. My brother bought these for me, and I put them in a tub and generally mistreated them for a couple of years. A few came up blind this year, but hopefully being out in soil will mean they can bulk up properly. They are a lovely delicate narcissus, a pale yellow with slender trumpets and petals.

Veg patch

The veg patch is coming on. Two obelisks will become three (oh yes, I will win. Perhaps calling for reinforcements this weekend!) and I need to mulch that quarter too. All my broad beans are in, and some are flowering! The tank traps (as GG called them) on the far side are my second early potatoes. I dig the trenches, then bury the spuds about 10cm below the bottom of the trench. Then I can earth them up quite a lot. I've got rid of most of the self-seeded californian poppy and replaced it with green manure, although I've just found some rather vigorous-looking bindweed coming up through one of the best patches of that, so I'll have to dig that out.

Across the path

The view across the path shows that the flowering currant is in its full pomp, as is the forsythia. I get some lovely views through them both, the pink clashes beautifully with the yellow! The bees are all over the flowering currant. The strawberries are bulking out again after their winter haircut.

Spring has definitely sprung!

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