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Again with the digging

We just can't seem to get enough of the digging on our beautifully stony soil! This time it wasn't even all my idea...

With the cordyline out front looking like it's on its last legs, I started thinking it would be really nice to replace it with something taller. Like a fruit tree. A cherry tree, to be more precise. Height, fruit and blossom - sounds perfect. So over Easter we went looking for said tree.

Apparently it's almost impossible to find edible cherry trees at the moment. Ornamental ones are everywhere, but edible? Nope, couldn't find one anywhere. Everyone kept saying 'they should be in soon, I'd have thought we'd have them by now', but no-one actually has any. However, I did keep seeing plum and greengage trees, and started thinking it'd be nice to have one of them too. My Gorgeous Girlfriend, she's not so keen on the soft fruit. Strawberries are about as far as it goes. But that's even more reason to grow them, because then I don't have to buy an entire punnet and not eat them all and see them go off. I can let the free ones in the garden go off instead!

The only slight problem was that I couldn't think of anywhere to put both a cherry and a greengage. There are only so many trees you can put into a small garden, and I thought we were approaching the limit. But no! GG to the rescue once again! She pointed out that we were thinking about digging out some more of our (slightly rubbish and weedy) lawn, and would a tree go in there?

New lawn layout

The new shape, carefully marked out with... an extension lead. The slightly scalloped edges are because the extension lead has been coiled for a while.

New outline

About half-way through the digging. The tree is in, but difficult to see in that shot. You'll notice that there is a lot more soil revealed by this change in shape, and that's going to need thinking over. Being somewhat... *ahem*... out of work at the mo, we don't have the cash to just instantly fill it. Plus I need to think about the spaces we've got quite carefully. I think I can move some other stuff from around the garden, fill some with annuals from seed, and I may have broken down and bought three little shrubs from Crocus (don't look if you like plants - it will hurt your wallet!).

Plum 'Greengage'

This is it! The stake has been trimmed now. It's labelled as plum 'Greengage', and could potentially grow pretty big. I'll have to keep an eye on it.

Of course, we still don't have the cherry tree. Don't worry. I will find one. Oh yes. I will.

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