Stiff like a board
Monday, April 27, 2009 at 16:10
martian77 in General

Another weekend, another cricket match. This time Redoubtables 1s managed to lose a game that they really should have won comfortably. One of those days in the field where nothing really went to hand. There was maybe one easy(ish) drop, and maybe a couple of possible runouts that went begging, but we just didn't get a lot of run of the ball.

Equally you could argue that our batting was a little under par too. I got the second highest score (not including extras) with 15, and I went in at 11 and am the least technically able bat we have. I know my game though, so I don't try for fours any more. I nudge singles, wait for wides and no balls, and generally just hang around and see what comes my way. Maybe some of the others need to learn that that is a valid way of playing when the fours just aren't coming. Of course, I do have 9 years on most of the team. My cricket experience may not be at the highest level, but I am more patient than I used to be.

I did keep wicket, and it was pretty rough. I used to accept the knocks and be proud of the bruises, but now I just don't want to be hit. I'm not as happy leg-side as I used to be, I don't like standing up to the spinners and generally I'm just not really up for it these days. If there were any other keepers coming through in the club I would stand down, but there aren't yet. My legs are killing me today, but I know in a few games' time they'll be used to it.

Today the weather has been nasty. Damp, windy days cool the house down faster too, so it's a little chilly. Still, having the garden seems to have given me a better perspective on rain. I'm pleased because the water butts are filling up again, and my new tree and the plants I've moved are being watered in without me having to do anything! And the garden is still nice to look at even on a dull and wet day.

I really am sounding old aren't I?!

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