Quite small really
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 10:57
martian77 in Knitting

I was thinking about posting some more pictures of the back garden now we've finished digging it all out, but my lovely brother has sent me a Crocus voucher so there are new plants on the way. Besides, it's nearly monthly photo time anyway and I'd hate to go overkill on the garden. (Yeah right!!)

Before we got on with the digging on Saturday, my (normally) Gorgeous Girlfriend decided she'd carry out an old threat, and got all of my yarn stash into the spare room and tipped it all out. Then she demanded that I confronted my 'problem' and admit it was a lot of yarn.

Quite small really

Frankly, I don't think it is. It's only one ball deep in that picture, and it hardly even covers half of what is quite a small room. Most of it is even earmarked for something. There is, it's true, some stuff that I wouldn't buy now, but most of that actually came from my parents' loft and even some of that has been useful.

Feel free to chime in with some moral support if you like... Remember, I've already said I'm not buying any more until next February!

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