Got to stop
Sunday, April 5, 2009 at 22:06
martian77 in General

Well, plan B worked so well that the sun came out by the end of the third Time Team. Since then I've put up an obelisk, sorted out my worm poo, knit my hands stiff, planted some stuff around the pear tree and mulched with the last remaining bag of pebbles, helped my gorgeous girlfriend straighten out the second obelisk, moved a euonymous and cleaned my bike (again with GG's help). Oh, and helped her put  a shelf up.

Right now, I am on the sofa with a beer waiting for Match of the Day 2 to come on, looking forward to falling asleep watching it.I'm bloody knackered!

Didn't manage to get the compost sorted out though. Got lots of other stuff off my list, but not the compost.

Sleepy. Mmmm... Beer...

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