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The garden ate my morning

Seriously. I go out there for a 5 minute job, and when I come in it's 2 hours later. I don't understand it.

Today I was finishing off the quarter of the veg bed with the obelisks. It needed a bag of compost raking over it. Doesn't sound like much, does it? GG even helped me get the bag of compost up to the veg bed last night, so it really shouldn't have taken long.

Well, it probably wouldn't have. But you see, we had this chicken wire kicking around from our attempt at a leaf pit, and I thought it would be really good to grow peas (and mange tout) up inside the obelisks, with the beans growing up the outsides. So I decided I'd put that in too.That may have eaten slightly more of the morning than I expected. Particularly when someone came to read the meter half way through. Still, all done now, and I think it looks pretty good even if I do say so myself.

Obelisks complete

I'm not sure I'd have got there without the assistance of my Gorgeous Girlfriend once again. She managed to bash those poles in through chalk and all sorts, and when strength and swearing failed she then dug out the large lump of flint that was stopping her rather than admit defeat. I hope the beans appreciate her efforts, and hopefully she will appreciate the beans!

That was absolutely the last big thing that needs doing to the veg bed other than putting plants in. Well. Apart from a crazy little idea I have for supporting the squashes, but that doesn't need to be done any time soon. So take that garden! I'm taking my mornings back!

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