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Spring Cleaning

My poor bike has made it through the winter without so much as a wipe down. Commuting along the undercliff walk with the chalk from the cliffs filling the puddles, being hit by sea spray regularly, rained on, and even out in the snow has left it looking a little mucky.



Those wheel rims are blue, and the spokes are actually black.


Every time the chain's started to seize up over the winter, I've just added more grease. Now it's black and slimey, hiding who knows what damage to the chain. It's mucky work cleaning a chain though, and there's no way I could do it indoors during the winter.

A bit of elbow grease later, and the bike is clean and shiny again!


The chain came up pretty well, actually. Some pitting (surprised me, Wipperman Connex have a good reputation for surviving rust-free), but nothing serious. The thing with cleaning chains is that you clean them, then clean them a bit more, and get loads of gunk off and get them looking all shiny, then you regrease them and all the dirt that's been hiding deep in the workings comes loose and it just looks dirty again. Better than it was though.

And look at those lovely shiny wheels. Like I said, blue and black. GG helped by doing all the soapy bits while I worked on the chain. Strictly speaking I should have taken the entire drive chain apart and cleaned and regreased all the cogs, but I was a little lazy. Maybe come June I'll get to that. The bike is running just that little bit more smoothly now anyway, and looking much prettier again!

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