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Everything seems to have put on a massive spurt in the last month, and I had a real 'squeee' moment watching the garden this morning as a couple of blue tits appeared to be eating the aphids off the rose under the bird table, then sat (briefly) in the greengage tree. I can also hear the baby starlings squeaking in their nest in the neighbour's loft. Sweet! (Glad they aren't in our loft though...)

The back garden has been through a bit of a change this month, but look at all those leaves! Wow.

lawn 090501

There will be more changes yet, as the plants arrive, but it's a start. There are alliums about to burst out of their skins all through the scooter bed at the back. and that's the healthiest I've ever seen the two dogwoods in front of the compost bin. The purple hazel is already looking loads better than last year too.

lawn lower 090501

The shady corner nearest the living room window has just really filled out with foliage this time. And those epimedium have been covered in yellow flowers too. In case anyone thinks it is unremitting good news, I'm a touch concerned that the Christmas box is getting too much sun(!!) and is turning a slightly odd colour. But that's it.

concrete 090501

The teardrop bed has really greened up now, and there are buds (and aphids, and a little blackspot) on the Iceberg rose. Some of the iris bulbs I dumped in there are going to flower this year, but some look like they're taking it easy this year. The potatoes in the yellow pots near the greenhouse have grown like anything, and been earthed up a couple of times. There's only about an inch of space at the top now, I should fill that this weekend. The clematis on the shed are starting to bud too.

Out front the upper slope is also filling out. That cordyline is on an increasing lean though.

upper 090501

I seem to have accidently toned most things to a deep purple-red. Apart from that californian poppy showing bright orange in the middle! A lot of these plants are almost accidental. The poppy is self-seeded. The plants I've kind of accumulated with no real plan. I'm just beginning to edit bits, but most of it is just fine.

path 090501

That view across the path shows how urgently I need to strim the last remaining grass out there. Ugh. Knew we got rid of most of it for a reason.

veg 090501

The veg patch is looking a bit chaotic, isn't it? I'm not good at neat rows. Who knew? There are spuds showing their heads in the tank traps, the green manure is coming on a treat in the path quarter and in between the obelisks, and the peas and mange tout are starting their climbs up the chicken wire in the middle. The lettuces are still beating the green manure at the moment. The broad beans are flowering, and although the Bunyard's Exhibition were first in flower, the Aquadulce seem to be first to set seed. Yum.

Then there's the terrace view. I had to move some of my peppers off the windowledge to get this shot - maybe it's time to move them outside!

terrace 090501

Not so much going on here yet. The salad burnett is going mental. The currant bushes are filling out. There are small parsley plants, slowly gaining ground. The curry plant is starting to show some buds. Soon (next month?) there will be little chard plants and tomato plants out there too.

GG put in a request that I show where we started from again, just to highlight how much it really has changed. This was late July 2006.

back garden August 2006

Just a few changes, here and there...

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