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On Friday night, my Gorgeous Girlfriend had organised a treat and took me to see Kate Rusby play in Crawley. We've been to see her a few times before (I think that might be my fourth time?) and I always really enjoy the gigs.

She had a stinking cold last time we saw her, and this time she was 5 months pregnant. Honestly, the pregnancy seemed to affect her voice less. Although she still brought a mug of tea on stage with her along with her handbag. The main difference was that the band were all sitting down. There were only four of them in total - a standing bass player (who played banjo on one song), a squeeze-box player, a guitar (and ukelele and banjo) player, and Ms Rusby on guitar. It's amazing how much sound just four people can generate, and how many lines and rhythyms seem to be intertwining. Love it. I also love that the songs don't sound exactly like the cds. They are playing with them as they play them, and to me that's what makes live music good. If you want to hear them just like the cd, then listen to the cd.

The gig seemed to absolutely race past! No support act, one interval, started around 8.00 and finished maybe 10.30. That's quite a lot of playing, but I'd have stayed for more. It's the storytelling in between songs too, about past gigs or pet dogs or time in the van. There was some 'filler' (while guitars and banjos were being retuned) from the squeeze box player, who seemed to be a bit fixated on his new potatoes and asparagus. They don't sound like amusing subjects, but he made us laugh hard!

A lovely night out. I owe GG many surprise dates now. Don't think I'll ever catch up!

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