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Aspire cosy

I meant to blog this last week, but didn't get there. I spent bank holiday Monday (well, the afternoon at least) making a little cover for my aspire one. I've been throwing it in a drybag along with the powercord and my portable harddrive, and then dumping that in a pannier to take it to the library, and although it doesn't seem to hurt it I thought a modicum of protection might not go amiss.

aspire cosy

The cover is some quilting material that was left over from a school textiles project when I was 12. The piping around the edge was bought for an abandoned project to customise some trousers when I was 20.

aspire cosy

The lovely gingham lining which goes so well with the piping was from a bag of fabric nicked from Mum's loft - no idea how old that is, I have no memory of anything using it!

I'm pretty pleased with it. I stitched it all by hand because I wasn't that sure about getting the piping and the sizes right. It fits really well, and the only bit I had to buy was the zip. Actually, I did mess that up a bit:

aspire cosy

The zip is a little short. Which would be no problem at all, if I had bought an open end zip. Honestly? It's still not really a problem. I just can't attach the case to the corners of the pooter. And I can charge the pooter without taking the case off, which is a bonus. Next up may be a matching cover for my harddrive...

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