Hack and slash
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 11:01
martian77 in Garden

I discovered this weekend that a three-day weekend has much less meaning when you don't actually work anyway. In fact, given that GG was out at cricket all day Sunday and Monday afternoon, there really wasn't that much difference to a normal weekday!

I did get a few nice jobs kicked off the to-do list though. First up, the forsythia got its annual haircut. The photo below is post 'trim'. The stuff I took off is in a heap on the grass in front of the hedge.

forsythia slash job

If you want to remember what it looked like before, well, I'm pretty sure it's in the May photos. I took quite a lot off, and now it looks quite hedge-like itself. It's let a lot of light in underneath, which should help the lavender grow this year, and the ceanothus and the berberis either side should grow a bit more evenly too. There are also some echinops lurking in there, so hopefully this year they will be visible!

I do remember laughing when Mum used to go out and hack down half a shrub. Seems like I am my mother's daughter after all...

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