(Not so) great start
Friday, May 8, 2009 at 11:29
martian77 in Garden

Last weekend we finally bought a new tree to replace the cordyline out front. In the end, edible cherries proved rather hard to find. I also heard bad things about how easy it was to lose the entire crop to the birds. And my Williams Bon Chretien - in spite of being covered in flower - has not produced any pears. So in the end I went for a second pear tree, a conference pear.

conference pear

Apparently my Williams Bon Chretien is an early pear whereas the Conference is a bit later. They are good pollinators for each other apparently, so hopefully that will ensure good crops from both and a succession of pears for me to munch on.

Unfortunately, this little pear tree is quite tall and a bit whippy. Not very robust. And since I planted it out it's been... Well... A bit breezy. This morning, in fact, it looks like this:


I've got it staked, so I think the roots will be fine, but that top half is all over the place! Fingers crossed the wind dies down soon and we have a nice, warm, still summer (unlike the last two) and I can prune it back a bit next winter to help it...

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