Not conducive
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 20:50
martian77 in General

Hmmm... I am not finding life particularly conducive to blogging right now apparently. I tried to blog on the train on the way home from a day trip to Leeds on Friday. Because I was on the train, and it had free wireless, and dammit, I think that's a glimpse of the future, but unfortunately the future kept crashing down around me and losing connection just as I clicked save.


So you see, work is demanding concentration. Plus a lot of it seems last minute and fluster-some. I do not like last minute and fluster-some. I am trying to work out how I can best avoid it right now, but haven't managed yet. I suspect it may require me to start being all proactive about getting information I need early. I can come to terms with that, I hope. But for now it means I don't have time to blog at work (not that you should, really...). And when I get home it's light so nice and late that I spend lots of time catching up on the garden jobs I'm not getting done during the day any more. Not really wanting to spend time staring at the computer again, y'see.

Anyhoo. I'm still here, and will work it all out eventually. I'm not even managing to stay on top of my blog reading, and barely keeping up with twitter, so it's got really bad. But a routine will establish eventually I'm sure.

And here is a picture of a bee. Which frankly makes everything ok.

bee on foxglove

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