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Time for the monthly photos again! And I am so chuffed with how it's looking this month.

The back garden has filled out a lot. There's a lot more space still to fill, but the foxgloves I grew from seed - oh, two years ago? - have come into bloom and are buzzing with bees.The roses are coming out and the Gloriana rose climbing the bird table is looking amazing and growing really strongly.

Upper lawn

The astrantia I've planted in the newly dug out bit (thanks to my bro!) are already flowering, as is the very small philidelphus. The best bit of all is that I can see there's still so much to come - verbena, crocosmia, penstemon and asters amongst others.

Lower lawn

On the concrete shot you can see that the camassia is flowering too. Again, the bees are going mad for them. They are going over really quickly though - guess that's the hot weather for you. The potatoes near the greenhouse are looking big and beefy, and I think they are nearly ready to turn out and see what I've got! I've made a bit of a mess of the elaeagnus by dropping a hosepipe on it (whoops), but it's still growing well. And the greenhouse is now filling up with really really big strong tomato plants!


Front garden. The upper slope has also come into bloom and is looking pretty good. I love the view from the front door - the Johnson's Blue geranium is at head-height and looks fabulous. There are lots of californian poppies coming out now - all self-seeded. I really just have to weed out the ones in the wrong place. The alpine strawberries are now on tap, so I'm browsing on them of an evening when I have to water.

Upper slope

The view across the path is also looking lush and green.


The veg beds are now pretty full. The potatoes are well up and earthed up as much as I think I want to. I'm having a little trouble with bindweed coming up through them, which is an issue because I don't want to disturb the roots of the spuds by digging it out. For now I'm just pulling the tops out, and hopefully that will weaken it a little. The broad beans are now producing (see yesterday's post!) and although they were starting to get blackfly nipping out the tops seems to have worked a treat for now. The path quarter is full of green manure, but I've actually chopped it down now to put my courgettes in. The peas and mangetout are growing well and flowering. The beans are being a little slow, but I'm sure they will get there. Oh, and the self-seeded marigolds are all starting to bloom now, which is lovely!

Veg bed

The terraces are also full now, with all my chard plants, parsley and bush tomatoes (latah) filling up the empty space. The snails are attacking the chard and the tomatoes, although a few late night sorties do seem to be having a reducing effect. Fingers crossed for some ripe tomatoes this year! And my curry plant is about to flower, and for the first time so is the red hot poker that I grew from seed. Fingers crossed it's a nice colour, because I bought a mixed packet of seed and don't know what germinated.


It's all coming together nicely. I am starting to struggle just a little with water. Although I have 3 waterbutts, I'm currently using around 24 litres per evening to water all the pots. That means I've only got enough water stored for around 20 days. I'm pretty sure this current lovely hot, dry weather won't last too long, but if I run them too low I'll be praying for quite a lot of rain to refill them! Still, cheaper than using the metered tap water.

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