Monday, June 29, 2009 at 08:37

I think we've got more lovely hot weather so far this year than we have had in the previous two years. It's brilliant!

Busy weekend. It started on Friday with a work bonding day thing. Lots of discussion about where the company is going and so on. Finished off with the pub and pizza. The food was nice, but not drinking meant I probably didn't appreciate some of the humour so much. Heh.

Then on Saturday we decided we had to get haircuts, so we cycled into town and managed to get them in a cheap place run by Polish (I think) guys. Gone pretty short again, but it is summer. We also managed to get a rack on the back of my Gorgeous Girlfriend's bike, thanks to the guys in Sydney Street Bikes. GG's bike doesn't have the necessary braze ons, so it needed p-clips and all sorts. They actually fitted it for free, on the condition we used them as our main bikeshop. Done deal! Anyone needs any bike stuff in Brighton, go there! We stopped off to watch some cricket on the way home, with pasties for lunch, then headed off for a wedding reception in North London in the evening.

That was a bit of a trek, to be honest. It took 3 hours, thanks to the North Circular being fubared. Not unusual, but nasty. Still, we made it, and the bride looked lovely and the groom sounded good on the kareoke. (He ought to, he sings for a living.)

Sunday was a family gathering in Haywards Heath. Half my dad's family have emigrated to Australia, so when they come home for a visit we all make an effort to meet up. GG was playing cricket, so it was Brompton and train for me. Lovely to catch up with everyone, even with the amazing combination of hangovers and jetlag sitting around the table! And I was very impressed that I've apparently managed to get strong enough to get up the hills on the way home even on the Brompton, although it was harder work than the Trek.

Today I'm on the way to Leeds again. Got to love a train with free wifi... Not got to love the early starts. Felt like more of an effort than last time, to be honest. We'll see how the day goes... GG gets major brownie points for getting up with me and driving me to the station again.

Right. At Peterborough. Time to review a document or two - or maybe the inside of my eyelids for a bit!!

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