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First potatoes

To continue the food and gardening theme, this weekend I turfed the new potatoes (variety Rocket) out of one of the three containers I've been growing them in on the concrete out back. I got a reasonable haul!


This photo also shows off my lovely little harvesting basket, as bought by my Gorgeous Girlfriend. So far it has been extremely useful for lettuce and other greens, peas and broad beans, and now potatoes! I'm looking forward to using it with a lot more crops yet...

I was a little disappointed with the amount to start with. I estimated maybe only 3-4  meals for the two of us from that lot. I was wrong. As of now, we've had:

Sunday dinner - New potatoes with broad beans, bacon and creme fraiche (2 portions)

Monday lunch - New potato salad with lettuce, sorrel, chives and ham (2 portions)

Monday dinner - New potatoes with steak pie and broccoli. (4 portions)

Tuesday lunch - Monday night's leftovers.

Tuesday dinner - I'm planning a Nigel Slater recipe: pan-fried new potatoes and pancetta. I may add some mangetout, because there are some ready to be picked. I'm hoping for 4 portions, but may only get 3 depending on hunger and portion size!

So, I reckon somewhere around 10, 12 portions from that little lot. I worked out an approximate price for the barrel (taking into account a proportion of the tub, compost costs, and seed potatoes - why yes, I am an accountant's daughter) and it came out at around £2.17. That's not bad per portion!

Best bit? Two more tubs to go. Plus this tub had 4 potato plants growing in it, which may actually have limited potato production due to over-crowding. So we'll see what comes out of the other two tubs!

Still on the food theme, I finally uploaded the pictures of my marigold buns too. They were tasty, but only in the same way most fairy cakes are tasty. Definitely worth trying though, and I may have to make a scientific comparison of a marigold bun and the same recipe without marigolds...

marigold bun

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I will happily throw myself on that grenade and be your guinea pig for that experiment!

June 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGG

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