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Please release me

One thing I'm kind of not happy with about my current job is the bike parking. Or rather the lack of bike parking. The building has a car park and a tiny amount of bike parking, but apparently that's for the law firm that own the building rather than those that rent space in it. That leaves me using public bike parking on a fairly major road, which is secure enough (lots of people passing constantly) provided you lock it properly with a decent lock.

I do. I lock it through my front wheel, through the frame and around the bike rack. It's not unusual to end up with another bike the other side, and yesterday come home time I toddled cheerfully out of the office to find this:


Like I said, not unusual, and I was a bit spaced out anyway, so I unlocked mine, got all set up, then went to moved it and started swearing.

See, the owner of that other bike had very carefully threaded his lock through his frame, through the back wheel of the bike, and around the rack. Like this:


Spot the problem? Yeah, that lock is through my frame as well as around the bike rack. Effectively locking my bike to the rack. I had no key for that lock, it not being mine. It's quite a good lock too, so hacksawing (apart from being a little suspicious) was not really a good option. I called GG, said I'd be late, and settled in. She did start  to come to rescue me, but I pointed out there was nothing she could do and she should go to her cricket nets in Rottingdean instead.

That was around 6.30. By 8.30 I was a bit fed up. Those who follow me on twitter may have noticed. The anger had pretty much drained by then, I just wanted my bike. GG finished cricket nets. She came into town. I left a sarcastic note on the bike. She bought me dinner, from Subway, where we could see my bike. I'd just finished my sub, at around 9, 9.10 maybe, when the stupid arse finally came back.

All things considered, I think only swearing a couple of times and not shouting at all was really quite restrained. He was very apologetic, but really, once he'd unlocked my bike there wasn't anything else I wanted. I mean, an apology was definitely due and received, but other than that there's not a lot to be done. We got my bike back in the car and drove home. It was very good to get home...

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What a fucking Cock.

July 1, 2009 | Unregistered Commentercha0tic

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