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I didn't forget, I took the photos on time. I just haven't quite managed to blog them yet! So here goes...

Upper lawn view

The upstairs view of the back garden shows something I'd not really noticed. The grass is struggling. This has been the first decent summer since 2006, when we moved here. The grass hasn't struggled since. It's having an effect on the rest of the plants too. Last year I think the foxgloves kept going for months, this year they seem to be all but over all ready. The camassias came and went in record time. Pretty while they lasted, but they didn't last long! The daylilies are looking fabulous right now. They have only just started flowering, but compared to last year's three/four flowers total, this year they are blazing away.

Lower lawn view

From the lower view the penstemon I planted under the greengage tree is more obvious. I've planted a salvia in front of it, and the two are blending really well. I'm slowly filling in a few more of the gaps too.


This shows the blue love-in-a-mist (nigella) that has self-seeded itself all through the tear drop bed. It's most obvious around the cordyline. I'm really pleased with it, but will have to watch out for it running riot in other beds. The elaeagnus has grown a lot, but I think is just starting to suffer from the heat. I can't get enough water to stay in the pots! Watering has become a daily thing now, some things are demanding more than that. Unfortunately 2 out of 3 water butts are now empty, so soon it's going to be back to tap water and paying for it. Unless this weather breaks, of course.

Veg bed

The veg bed is looking really lush. I'm not quite sure how long for though! The broad beans really need pulling out, and the french and runner beans haven't really taken off the way I'd hoped. The spuds are looking a little yellow around the edges too. I'm having to water the courgette and squash plants now, they flop! But the mange tout and peas have climbed really well and are producing so much.

Terraces view

The terraces shot isn't the best. I waited a little long. Still, you can see that the curry plant is flowering, which is lovely. The insects seem to be going mental for it. I've got tomatoes ripening in the terraces too, which is very exciting. The last couple of years have been so bad for tomatoes. I have been feeding them a little, so we'll see how they go.

Upper slope

Most of the plants I put in on the upper slope have been pretty drought-tolerant. This section is mostly chalk and drains so quickly. The pear tree is suffering - first the wind, now I can't give it enough water. But I've got a watering point in there now, so we'll hopefully pull it back. If I can get it through this year I reckon it'll be a pretty tough little tree! I'm almost strawberried out though, I've eaten so many off the alpine strawberries. The entire path smells of strawberries!

Across the front path

Finally, across the path. The path is getting a little overgrown at the moment, between the strawberries and the californian poppies. I don't mind too much, but GG might! I do need to tidy it up a bit. Any day now...

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I don't mind the untidy-ness of the path....but I might run over a few things with my bike by accident!!

July 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGG

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