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Week of cricket

Cor blimey. I've been a bit rubbish about blogging since I got this new job, haven't I? Well, things have been a bit hectic. I'm hoping I can make them settle down a bit (ha!) or at least get used enough to it that I can get back on the blogging case.

We've just been away for a week anyway. Off playing cricket at Women's Cricket Week in the Malvern hills. Now, I know that cricket is something of an aquired taste, and besides, the cricket (or my contribution anyway) wasn't that much to write home about. Apart from the injuries - one wrenched shoulder, one broken hand and one set of ruptured thumb ligaments (three different people mind you) that I know of. There's probably some pulled quads and hamstrings out there too, but they are so normal as to not be mentioned!

Instead of talking about the cricket, I thought I'd show the other reason for heading to the Malvern hills: the scenery!

Across the ghost pitch

This is the view across the lower pitch, known as the Ghost pitch. I'm not sure why, come to think of it. I'll have to ask. Beautiful hills. When we camp, we camp on the edge of that pitch. Pulling back your tent door in the morning to that view is quite something. Makes up for being woken up by the sheep in the next field.

British Camp

This is another view from the Ghost pitch. This is British Camp. So called because apparently a British Chieftain by the name of Caractacus withstood the Romans but was finally defeated here. This is Elgar country, and he has written a piece about the chieftain. You can make out the shaping of the fortifications dug into the top of the hill.

In more recent times, we've been staying in a house in the village of Colwall. Again, the views aren't half bad, and the neighbours (if you'll excuse the pun) are pretty quiet.

Malvern hills

Malvern hills

Not a bad place to spend a week at all. Although it has to be said that on Tuesday you couldn't see those hills. The clouds were too low, and it rained all day. Still, the way the summer's going one day out of 6 is not bad at all!

Going back to work today was a bit of a shock. Last week I think I drank a month's worth of beer, and only had about 3 nights' worth of sleep. Saturday night I slept for somewhere over 13 hours, then had a nap Sunday afternoon! But that's what holidays are for, right?

I have the garden photos for August, so just need to upload and blog them. I may even get there before the end of the month... You never know!

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Good to see you blogging again! Hope all is good J xx

August 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJay

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