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This month I've been really bad. Still, as I said, the photos were taken on August 1st, just like I said. It's got to be said, it's not just the blog that has had reduced attention thanks to the job - the garden is not looking quite as well kept either! 

The upstairs view of the back garden. 

Upper lawn 08/2009

The grass is looking a little better again. The brown bits around the edges are where we left it a little long between cuts! It's certainly been wetter. The nasturtiums have started to take over the scooter bed again. They are all self-seeded, and I get some fantastic colour variations. I may need to start pulling up a few more though in future years. This year I'm going to make and freeze lots of nasturtium pesto, see how it keeps. Maybe today, even!

Lower lawn 08/2009

The view from the living room window is looking rather lush. The bright pink on the bird table is the second flush of flowers on that rose - deadheading obviously works! I need to tie it in a bit better though. Trouble is the thorns are kind of viscious... I'm really pleased with the bit under the hazel. I've stumbled upon a selection of plants that seem to work really well together. I should take a close up really. 

concrete 08/2009

The concrete is still a general dumping ground and mess. The pots that had the potatoes in though are a triumph, with carrots, lettuce and dwarf beans doing really well in there, with minimal watering and everything. The apples on the espalier are rosy red, and should be eaten soon I think. It's a variety called Scrumptious, that are supposed to be early apples ready for eating August-September. The iceberg rose is also on its second flush of flowers. I think I may prune it back quite hard this winter - it's got a bit leggy. Life in the greenhouse is lush, but needs a lot of water at the moment. Still, I'm getting loads of tomatoes. 

Out front, the upper slope is looking loads better this year. 

Upper slope 08/2009

I do have to own up though. Apart from the golden rod up against the forsythia, all of the other yellow is a self-seeded weed. But I like it! And the bees do too. So for now it stays. The pear tree is showing small signs of new growth, so I think it's going to survive. Fingers crossed. The soil out there is still rubbish, and I'd still like to put a bit of a retaining wall behind the alpine strawberries and do it properly and a fence in at the back, but it looks ok for now. 

path 08/2009

The view across the path just shows it's all looking a little overgrown. It urgently needs tidying. Plus I'm not convinced by my 'meadow' on the top slope. Rethink for next year! 

Veg bed 01/08/2009

The veg is (for a change) a little hit and miss. The peas and mange tout grew brilliantly in the obelisks, and now need pulling out. Unfortunately, my lovely lush groundcover has provided just the right environment for lots of snails, and my beans are no more. Still, it's a good learning experience, right? The slugs don't seem to be particularly numerous this year, so the nematodes do seem to have made an impact. The snail population doesn't seem to have taken much of a hit though, so I'm now trying a beer trap. We'll see if that helps. The volunteer potatoes from last year seem really healthy though. Maybe last year I just over-crowded them? 

Terraces 08/2009

Looking at the terraces, I have some Latah tomatoes ripening in them. Very exciting. The snails do seem to have found them though, so I'm going to start patrolling I think. The curry plant is now properly over and needs cutting back. Lots of the chard is bolting, but that's fine - I'm mostly after it for next Spring. My parsley is on the bolt too. That's less fine, but I have some replacement seedlings to go out. 

I finally got around to running the wire along the terraces, that one day I'm hoping my two thornless blackberries will be trained along. Trouble is neither of them seems to be growing quite large enough yet. That could well be the rubbish soil they are growing in. I'm still working on that! 

Today I shall mostly be out there tidying things up. I'm not promising huge changes for September or anything, but it's a long overdue day of playing! 

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Reader Comments (2)

Looks good! The parsley you gave me has well and truly bolted too but those penstemon have now been flowering continuously since June. So thanks! x

August 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJay

Well, yours have flowered better than mine then! Are you still swine flu'd up? Get well soon!

August 18, 2009 | Registered Commentermartian77

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