This train is bound for Brighton
Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 17:49
martian77 in General

Well, not actually. This train is bound for London Kings Cross. From there it will be a short walk to London St. Pancras, and then onto a train bound for Brighton. It's more wishful thinking on my part really. Bound for where my Gorgeous Girlfriend is hopefully going to be kind enough to pick me up (hopefully not literally) at the station and take me home...

I've been on another day-trip to Leeds. Hopefully the last. I have nothing against Leeds exactly, it's just a very long way from Brighton. I am very tired. And I made the mistake of looking in my work inbox, and I shouldn't have. Ho hum.

Tired and dopey

Fortunately it's Thursday already, and I only have to stagger through one more day to get to a lie in. Yay!

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