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Home and happy

After the last post, I thought I should probably show how pleased and happy I am to be home! (I mean, without being totally nauseating and showing lots of pics of my gorgeous girlfriend.) I took a load of pictures in the garden last week. They kind of sum up what I love about it.

Spider and fly Spider 1

Wildlife. We'll start with the spiders - they are small, but be warned... Click on them and they get pretty big!

Grasshoppers Winged thing

Then we have the grasshoppers (only 3 in this one, but there were  on my seat at one point - I love the bright red one...) and a moth. Or maybe a butterfly? Don't know. It was tiny, maybe thumbnail size. I'd love to know what it is if anyone knows. Just don't tell me it's a leek moth coming after my leeks!


This is a very cheeky blackbird. I was getting the washing in - only about 2 metres away. He came in, poked around, found a worm and proceeded to flick it around until it was in a suitable state to fly off with.

Potatoes First carrots

And then there's the produce. I've got to say, it's pretty satisfying. That's just one potato plant's worth there. I dug up another 3 today, and have loads and loads. Awesome. Those on the right, they are my first ever, ever carrots. I've never managed to get them out fo the ground before - the slugs normally get them. These grew in the same tubs as my early new potatoes. They tasted pretty good too.


These aren't bad either. These are the first apples on my poor tortured espaliered apple tree. Scruptious by name, and nature doesn't lag. I've got raspberries, and there's a single pear on the tree out front that I'm scared to pick right now.

Through the cracks

This one, this is a self-seeded californian poppy. It's growing in the cracks in the concrete out front. It demonstrates one of the most important features of our garden, one I'm most proud of in lots of ways...

Water feature

Pretty flowers!

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