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Burnt out

I tried to sort out our 'meadow' patch this weekend.

I got the strimmer, and first up had to strim the edges of the back lawn. Then I got our new 20m extension lead (specially bought for trimming the hedge and strimming the top), extended it all the way up the steps. Then I plugged in the strimmer, sealed it in properly (the new extension lead is an outdoor one), and cranked it up.

And promptly ran out of strimmer wire. So I went back through the house to the shed, got the strimmer wire out, and rewound the wire holder thing. For once, I managed to do it first time and feed it back through the holes without getting in a tangle. So I cranked it back up again.

I strimmed. I strimmed a lot considering it's a very small patch. The grass has got quite long in the last year. Oddly. So it took some hacking. I made it around the path edge, and back along the front edge. I reclaimed the rosemary and lavender from amongst the tall grass. Then I sort of noticed that it wasn't sounding so healthy, and it was kinda hot, so I left it to cool down and trimmed back the lavender and rosemary that I'd reclaimed.

Then, however, the strimmer wouldn't restart. I let it cool down properly. Nothing. So I'm about halfway through the meadow, with a dead strimmer and a lot of grass to hack off before I can implement operation meadow-replacement. And we're away for the next two weekends, so that really was the opportune moment!

In a more successful garden exploit, I did manage to fit a new waterbutt. Not this weekend, but still. It takes our tally of waterbutts to 4, and a total water storage capacity of around 640l all told. Not that I think the one on the greenhouse will ever be full.

The latest one went on the front of the house, collecting 220l off the front half our our roof. Before, there were two weedy strawberry patches in the drawers, that honestly haven't done a lot this year.


I think I didn't start watering them early enough, and they probably need some food. Anyway, to fit the new waterbutt in I had to remove one of them. I rescued a few of the young plants from last year, and the pineapple mint that seemed to be doing ok, and tried to root a few of the runners. Then got rid of the rest and fitted the waterbutt. I hate fitting waterbutts. Really.


Still, it loks neater, and it filled up in a week. I love the free water they provide. This year I ran out in the hottest part of the year, so hopefully an extra 220l will see me through next year nicely.

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