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The September shots were taken on August 31st, seeing as it was a bank holiday. Close enough, although some things did change later in the day!

Back garden to start with.

Upper lawn view 09/09

All of that back bed seems to have suddenly exploded. Lots and lots of growth. I also love the bright colours of the nasturtium and the bright yellow of the rudbekia at the back. The nasturtium are actually under massive attack from caterpillers. I was hoping to make pesto again this year and freeze some, but I think the caterpillers may just eat it all first. I find it hard to pick them off though, because I love the butterflies and you can't really have one without the other. The nasturtium are all self-seeded anyway. 

lower lawn view 09/09

It looks pretty lush, particularly since we only dug a large slab of that out a couple of months ago. 

concrete 09/09

The concrete is still a mess, it's true. But that tub with the waterfeature on it is spectacular. The white in the teardrop is mostly garlic chives with some rose thrown in. The iceberg rose has been flowering for ages! The yellow tubs that I grew potatoes in are now yielding carrots and dwarf beans, which is great. 

Terraces 09/09

Switching to the front, with the terraces. More rudbeckia - not as big and healthy, mostly because of the cruddy soil. Lots of overgrown, bolted parsley, sorrel and chard. The tomatoes that were out there are mostly done now I think, and possibly showing signs of blight. That waterbutt is not fitted there - it's just in waiting. I did fit it later in the day, I'll post about that soon too!

veg bed 09/09

The view from the top is also looking rather overgrown. GG is not so keen on the lavender, which gets a bit full and wild at this time of year. I quite like it! There will be a review of the success of the veg bed this year, so I'll not go into too much here. I may need to chop some of those volunteer potatoes down though, because they seem to be smothering the leeks a little! Also I really do need to take the caterpillers off the broccoli. They'd be really healthy if it wasn't for the caterpillers. 

upper slope 09/09

The upper slope bed is a lot better than it was, but has a way to go yet. The helenium has gone from strength to strength, but there's still too much of the grey, chalky soil showing for my liking. I want to do something to shore up the slope behind the strawberries, but I'm not sure what (or what we can afford!). The russian sage is looking lovely too, and the pear tree seems to have decided to live!

path 09/09

Looking across the path, I think it's looking a little untidy, a little unkempt almost. The great meadow experiment at the top has not really worked for me. I'm working on something else for next year. I have a lot of bulbs to plant, amongst other things! 

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