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Initial lessons

This was the first week this year that I've managed to cycle every day and do the two runs I was supposed to. Somewhere around 60-65 miles cycling, and 5 miles running. The distance isn't too impressive, but it's a start! I thought I'd note some lessons:

  1. Running at 6am is not so bad. It's quiet, and I don't really need to wake up. Just get out of bed, pull my clothes on and get out there. 
  2. Running at 6 then cycling at 8.15 is also not so bad. Take it easy on the ride and it works. I even tend to get into work a little earlier. 
  3. Getting up at 6 makes me quite sleepy in the evenings. 
  4. Apparently it's ok to fall asleep at 8.30 when there's a football match on, but not quite so ok when there isn't! 
  5. I really can't afford to skip meals if I'm going to do this regularly. 
  6. A slice of chocolate fudge cake does not count as a meal. Even if it is fabulous.
  7. I also need many snacks. 
  8. I may be baking more as a result.
  9. If I don't eat regularly my mood may deteriorate rather badly. 
  10. I may need to apologise to people afterwards. 
So um yeah. The legs aren't doing badly, but the eating and sleeping seem to need a little work!

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I'm not a nutritionist, but I suspect Tuppaware (I prefer Lock and lock) coupled with Couscous salad is your friend. Easy to make the night before, you can put what you like in it, it's cheap and easy.

January 22, 2010 | Unregistered Commentercha0tic

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