Initial lessons
Friday, January 22, 2010 at 20:03
martian77 in Running

This was the first week this year that I've managed to cycle every day and do the two runs I was supposed to. Somewhere around 60-65 miles cycling, and 5 miles running. The distance isn't too impressive, but it's a start! I thought I'd note some lessons:

  1. Running at 6am is not so bad. It's quiet, and I don't really need to wake up. Just get out of bed, pull my clothes on and get out there. 
  2. Running at 6 then cycling at 8.15 is also not so bad. Take it easy on the ride and it works. I even tend to get into work a little earlier. 
  3. Getting up at 6 makes me quite sleepy in the evenings. 
  4. Apparently it's ok to fall asleep at 8.30 when there's a football match on, but not quite so ok when there isn't! 
  5. I really can't afford to skip meals if I'm going to do this regularly. 
  6. A slice of chocolate fudge cake does not count as a meal. Even if it is fabulous.
  7. I also need many snacks. 
  8. I may be baking more as a result.
  9. If I don't eat regularly my mood may deteriorate rather badly. 
  10. I may need to apologise to people afterwards. 
So um yeah. The legs aren't doing badly, but the eating and sleeping seem to need a little work!

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