Death or glory?*
Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 16:00
martian77 in General

I'm working out my last day at another job. I worked out that since I started this blog (or rather, the predecessor) this will be the fourth job I've left - three of them voluntarily. This is the second time I've left to go back to education too, although last time it was a part-time job, part-time student thing. 

This time I'm going full time student. This time it's the PhD (or DPhil as Sussex likes to call them). This time it's 100% effort, because this time has to be the last time. The all or nothing. 

I know money's going to be tight. I hope time will be more flexible. I'm trusting that from an extremely exciting start I can keep going in interesting directions for three years. The university section of the blog will be revitalised for the notes and interesting snippets (just to give me something for writing up from as much as anything else!). 

I expect this to change a huge amount of day to day life. I'm hoping for the better! But I'm hoping the important basics of starting and ending most days at home with my gorgeous and ever so supportive girlfriend will not be one of the things that changes. 

Wish me (and GG) luck!

*I really hope it will not be quite this extreme... 

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