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Only halfway through the month this time! 

Upper lawn view 1 Oct 2010

The lawn's looking a little shaggy, and just beginning to get leaves falling on it. The nasturtium were a little late getting going this year - I think it was the dry and chilly start we had to the summer - but they are now getting going just in time to get frosted! Time to make some pesto to get through the Winter again I reckon. 

Lower lawn 1 Oct 2010

The lower view highlights how overgrown it's all got. This is a good thing, but I do need to put some thought in for next year I think. Always! I do love that sedum in the scooter bed at the back, and that little fuschia I put in on the left hand side has been great too. Fingers crossed it survives the winter. 

Concrete 1 Oct 2010

The concrete is still looking rather soggy, thanks to the reed bed experiment. I really need to rework the outlet. A practically-minded friend came up with some good suggestions, so I will be editing it soon. I think the lemon tree could do with feeding, looking at it. Time to redo the big barrel too. 

Upper slope 1 Oct 2010

Out front, the upper slope continues to surprise me. I have really just thrown some fairly random things in there, and yet they keep coming up with nice combinations! The michaelmas daisies work really well with the sedum that was a couple of cuttings from the plant out back. The russian sage works in that too. I've put the cyclamen in the herb bed, and there are three that have come back from last year too so my hope for getting them to naturalise down there might even work out! Again, lots of scope for improvement, but it has quite a lot more in it than this time last year. Next Spring will be different again - I love the anticipation that my tinkering brings.

Path 1st Oct 2010 

Looking across the path shows it's all getting a little overgrown and autumnal. As it should be really! 

Veg bed 1 Oct 2010

The veg bed shows lots of stuff about to go over. Beans that survived the slugs (not really enough - I must plant more next year), courgettes, squash plants that just aren't going to ripen squashes in time. The marigolds have all recovered from the early drought and are flowering again. The apples are definitely now pretty close to being ripe.

Terraces 1 Oct 2010

The terraces are desperately in need of a good tidy, but I kind of like it with all the green in there. 

So we're heading into the season where everything retreats and starts to look a bit bare again. I love being able to replay the cycles of the year by looking back through my photos. It's amazing to me just how much greenery and colour appears and disappears throughout the year. Love it!

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