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This has been a good weekend for home-grown food. We have a book of soup recipe, and I decided to give the 'Beetroot and apple' soup a whirl. I planted some beetroots around the edge of a few other crops, and at least one of them this time got to a decent size! I also have apples at the moment, so this seems like a good use for them. The recipe also used a potato, and we have some of those. So it was just the onion and garlic that didn't come from our veg patch!

Homegrown beetroot and apples

The soup turned out an absolutely gorgeous colour. Really really purple. Honestly, it looked like it should be served with ice cream! We had it with some soda bread. Lovely. 

Beetroot and apple soup with soda bread

It was really tasty. Although I might have put just a smidge too much salt in it for our taste. 

Today I've made nasturtium pesto, from the River Cottage Preserves book. I made it a little earlier than last time, and this time I got the seedpods and marigold flowers that the ingredients include. I've filled an ice cube tray of beautiful emerald green sludge! I had it on my jacket spud at lunch, and it was lovely. Looking forward to eating it in the Winter.

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