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10 more km

I did another 10km run last Sunday - the Cancer Research 10km in Brighton. Fortunately I didn't have to dress up for this one! I was a bit nervous to be honest. I have been a little slack over the summer. I was doing really well until the end of June, when I finally let the blisters get the better of me and took a break to let them heal. I've found it a little tough to get going again, so I was really worried I was under-prepared and wouldn't get round! On top of that we had the Purley Cricket Club end of season dinner the night before, and although I stayed sober we still didn't get to bed until about 1.30. I didn't want to wake up, and was not in the best of moods. 

It was an absolutely foul day for weather too. Rain and wind, just perfect. Still, it wasn't all that cold (considering). Could have been worse. Actually, I think it was a lot worse for the supporters than the runners. We stayed warm moving, but it looked like the supporters were just cold, wet and miserable! I had also forgotten the additional hazard of running a Cancer Research event: the signs people have on their backs make for a more emotional run. Still, that can be a positive as well, right?

I have to say, I actually really enjoyed it once we got going. I had to start slow because of the sheer numbers and the lack of space to get round people, so that worked. And having spectators does add a bit, and the band at the far end of Hove Lagoon! 


Spot how soaked the shorts are! Not to mention the reflection on the tarmac. GG struggled with an umbrella in the wind and risked her big Nikon in the rain to take that shot, and spent ages trying to find a parking spot in Hove after dropping me off. I really appreciate it. Like I said, spectating looked miserable. 

I completed, I ran all the way, and it felt easier than the Heroes run back in May. In fact, I took nearly 3 minutes off my PB! 1 hour 3 minutes 31 seconds. I'm getting closer to the hour mark. I reckon next time I'll nail it. I've signed up for the Brooks Brighton 10k in November - I'm sure the weather for that one will be fantastic!



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