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Late, late, late. But hopefully excusably so.

Upper lawn 1/11/2010

It may have been the start of November, but things are definitely still growing out there. Nasturtiums are still flowering, for goodness sake. The lawn got seriously overgrown, which when you only have a push mower is a big, big mistake. There are two tiny dots of colour showing beneath the hazel, which are my latest attempts to naturalise some cyclamen. Who knows if these will make it, but I've heard that they like spots underneath trees so I guess it's worth a go. In the meantime those little dots of colour are giving me plenty to enjoy. 

Lower lawn 1/11/2010

The lower view shows just how bad that lawn had got. The neighbour's cat stalked through it, stepping really gingerly trying to keep her tummy dry on wet days! Whoops...

concrete 1/11/2010

In keeping with the grass, the concrete has reached new levels of messiness. I've cleared out the tomatoes, but failed to get rid of the corpses. What I have managed to do is maneuver the lemon tree and the margeurite into the greenhouse, so that any imminent frost won't kill them. The big barrel needs switching to winter plants still, and those geraniums (pelagoniums, I know) are going to be saved for next year (hopefully!). Also, I've made a few changes to the bath, so now the water flows out of it through the pipe that goes along the fence and behind the greenhouse. Further adjustments are still required, but at least it seems a little better. 

Upper slope 1/11/2010

I love the way the pear tree stands out in the upper slope now the leaves have turned yellow! And the monkshood (purple at the back) goes really well with the michaelmas daisies, which tones well with the sedum. Mostly accidental, but happy-making! I've added a tree lupin on the edge with the neighbours near the pear tree, so it will be interesting to see how that does. Apparently it grows quickly, but also supplies nitrogen to the neighbouring plants and has blue flowers in summer. I'll look forward to it! More cyclamen down on the front slope too - they make me smile in the morning, but while some seem to have survived from last year they don't seem to be self-seeding yet. Might be a bit dry for them or not sheltered enough, who knows?

Path 1/11/2010

The view across the path shows how little bits of colour kind of jump out at you. The sunflowers have not been spectacular, but have survived better than in previous years and stand out quite well. The apples make a nice red accent on the trees up there too. I'm really rather fond of this view!

veg bed 1/11/2010

Looking at the veg bed, I finally cleared the path quarter and dug up all the lovely marigolds. I've thrown them mostly on the top slope, to try and get some to self-seed up there too. The broccoli has gone into that quarter, but it's so much smaller than last year I don't quite know what to expect from it. My own fault, this year really got away from me in lots of ways. Equally, the kale in the slope quarter has been munched by caterpillars. Yet another salutary lesson in not looking after my veg properly! 

Terraces 1/11/2010

The terraces don't have much colour left, and the tall stalks of the parsley have been pushed over by the wind again. I should chop them, the flowers have probably shed more than enough seed by now! But again, as a view, I'll take it. Needs more work, of course, but then, that's the fun!

Last November's review...

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