Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 10:57
martian77 in CP top, Knitting

First up, I know the monthly garden shots are overdue, but I've been knitting too much to type it all up!

Instead of which, a quick knitting update. It is progressing well, but it's still touch and go whether it'll be done on time!

Progress shot

I've finished the back, left front, one sleeve and a good chunk of the second sleeve. Still to go is the other sleeve, the right front, the big collar and the button band. I did find the buttons I want yesterday, but I forgot to put them in the progress photo. 

To give some idea what I'm aiming for, here's the rubbish photo I took in the shop of the top I saw...

Please excuse the gormless expression! 

Now, on with the knitting...


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