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Well, it had to happen. Snow!

Top lawn 01/12/2010

Bit feeble, as snow goes, but then it's really rather early in Winter to be getting it. And it was enough to keep us working from home today - the hill was rather slippery, and neither of us had a pressing need to get in! What is has done is make the non-snow areas of the photo so dark that you can't make out much detail. Ah well.

GG tackled the grass last month. We'd actually left it so long that she had to go over it with the shears before the mower would get near it. Mustn't do that again! Most of the leaves have now fallen off everything that should lose them. Only the greengage and the quince still have some left. I've tied up the cordyline to try and avoid any of this year's leaves getting broken by the snow, but I'll untie it as each cold snap ends. Just in case, like.

Lower lawn 01/12/2010 

At least the very flat light meant no reflections on the downstairs shot! 

Concrete 01/12/2010

The concrete is looking much tidier, but you can't really tell under the snow! I've changed the plants in the big barrel too. It's now populated with pansies and something silvery (I've forgotten the name!). I've put the pelargoniums into the greenhouse for the winter, if they survive I'll try taking cuttings in the Spring and avoid buying any next year. I'm a little worried about the greenhouse temperature though - at the moment it's housing a lemon tree, an olive tree, a marguerite and those pelargoniums, and it's not heated. Fingers crossed the snow layer is just acting as insulation!

Upper slope 01/12/2010

Yeah, it snowed out front too. The upper slope is definitely in winter hibernation mode. The cheerful little cyclamen are now buried - fingers crossed they'll make it and keep flowering, but I'm not convinced. 

Across the path 01/12/2010

Believe it or not, I'd cleared that path twice already. I use our wood ash from the stove to try and stop it re-freezing. I'm not sure it works, but I believe it's an old school idea. I figure it doesn't hurt, and then when I sweep the snow onto the beds either side it just acts as a source of potassium! I really do try and keep the steps clear - compacted ice on those would be horrendous.

The other thing you can just see in the bottom corner of that shot is another one of our CP presents - a birdfeeder! The birds took about 2 days to find it, and the starlings have been really amusing us with their acrobatics. The sparrows have started visiting too, and the robin has been hanging around being possessive. Fingers crossed some of them might start visiting more often and find some of the caterpillars that have been fattening up on my brassicas!

Veg bed 01/12/2010

The veg bed very much shuts down in this weather. Nothing to get harvested, and it's not exactly easy to access with snow everywhere. The Newton's Wonder apple tree still has its leaves, but the Fiesta doesn't. 

Terraces 01/12/2010

The terraces look pretty good highlighted in snow. Well, I think so anyway! This really isn't very much yet - fingers crossed we'll miss it this time. I'm not a big fan - makes life much more difficult, and to be honest after a relatively short space of time I start craving colour again. Still, interesting to see the garden stripped of colour to such a degree. By and large I think it stands up to it pretty well!

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enjoyed looking at your 'ice garden' pictures - things look so much different with a dusting of snow!
Chris Gardening Express

January 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChris

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