Snow means wool
Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 12:50
martian77 in Knitting

Can't think why, but on Wednesday evening I suddenly felt the urge to start a new pair of nice woolly gauntlets. I like gauntlets (as opposed to fingerless gloves) because I can type wearing them - it's a bit like pulling your sleeves down over your hands rather than wearing gloves. 

Really simple, just knit quite a plain rectangle (ok, a few cables because otherwise I might get bored). Then I added a lining made of an old pyjama top cut up. Stitch the whole lot together leaving a gap for the thumb, and voila! Quick, simple and warm. 

Top of lined gauntlets

One of the lining too. 

Lining of lined gauntlets

Now I can stop eyeing up the ones in the shops!

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