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Active and cultured

I know, wait for ages with no blog posts, and suddenly two come along at once! There you are. Sometimes that happens. 

Yesterday was a busy (in a good way) day. I ran my first parkrun in the morning. My running has been progressing pretty well I think. I'm now running for 30 minutes at a time, and my speed has been steadily improving too - which means my distance has been increasing. I wanted to get to the Brighton & Hove one at least once before we head off to Florida, so it had to be this weekend! 

I liked it. There were a couple of hundred people running, which is bigger than I was expecting. Clearly there are regulars, who were chatting beforehand, but they made the first timers feel very welcome. I set off at what I thought was my normal pace, and soon realised I should have nipped to the loo first. Next time. I did ok for the first two laps, and I'm quite pleased with the way I ran the uphill bit. But the third lap I had to stop and walk for a minute, and that was when I realised that actually I had set off way faster than my normal pace. Still, after that minute walking I ran the rest of the way, and finished in 31:32. (Yes, I am a slow, slow runner...) 

Lessons learned? Doesn't matter how many people tell you, running with lots of other people makes you set off too fast. Always use the available toilet facilities before the start. And a support crew with a coat and your water is extremely welcome at the end of the run (thanks GG!). I think I'll have to do it a few more times, and see if I can a) improve my time, b) keep my splits more even, and c) manage to keep my own pace!

So that was at 9.00. We were home by about 10.15, quickly grabbed a shower and a coffee and GG's Mum arrived, because we were off up to Kingston to see the 2.00 show of A Midsummer Night's Dream, with Judi Dench amongst others. 

It was really really good. It always takes a little while to tune into the Shakespearian language, but the acting left you in no doubt as to what was happening, and really brought out the humour. The second half had the audience in stitches, and a lot of the bits that I've just found a bit tedious when I've read it were the funniest bits when brought to life by the acting. 

Today has had to be a very lazy day to balance it out, but both sections of the day were great!

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