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February Photos

I can't work out where February went. I took the photos on the first, thought "I'll get to writing about them later" and suddenly it's the 28th and more photos need taking! 

These photos kind of show why there's been very little going on in the garden over this winter. There was a really thick frost on the day I took them. Not the kind that looks so pretty in magazines when they take shots of lovely seed heads, more the earth-as-hard-as-iron type. Everything looks flattened with it. 

Upper slope 01/02/10

No snowdrops. Last year on the first of Feb we had them flowering. This year it was mid-February before they flowered. They do look lovely at the moment though. 

Path 01/02/10

Like I said, everything looks flattened. 

Veg bed 01/02/2010

The broccoli looks all wilted. There really isn't much happening out in the veg garden at all. 

Upper lawn view 01/02/2010

Out back looks much the same. The sweet box is flowering, but nothing else. Not even the winter jasmine. 

Concrete 01/02/2010

The ice across the concrete is because we have a blocked drain out back and the water from our washing machine and dishwasher is running straight across the concrete instead. It's not really a job we're looking forward to tackling! The cordyline is all tied up here, but it was too late. The snow has damaged some of the leaves. I think we might need to take them off come the spring. 

Lower lawn view 01/02/2010

That euonymous has also been bent and damaged by the snow. I'll have to prune it soon. Try and get it into some sort of shape. 

Terraces 01/02/2010

I took the shot of the terraces some time later in the day (the light doesn't reflect on the window quite as badly) so you can see it turned out to be quite a nice day. Just very chilly. 

(Last February's post - for comparison!)

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